This is a slow rock song, with great improvised vocals by Manuela and flying electric guitars by Tarshito. A song to the great spiritual river ,the Ganga in India and to essence of life.


( by Tarshito copyright Kittani Music 2010 )

Standing at the gate of this instant
Set the course to the center of being
Fling the doors wide open
And fly into the cosmic stream

Feeling a state of elation
Hearing celestial shrines
Ringing the sound of this moment
Heartbeat of love devine

Ganga Ganga Satchit Ananda
Yamana Yamana Satchit Ananda
Kailash Vishnu Shakti Shiva Jai Ma

Breathing in a cascade of freshness
Embracing a shower of grace
Tingling to the touch of awareness
The angels fill the heart space

Expanding depths of dimensions
Crystalising realms of delight
Spiraling coral reflections
Kaleidescopic visions of light

Ganga Amba Satchit Ananda
Ama Govinda Satchit Ananda
Kailash Vishnu Shakti Shiva Jai Ma


from SHAKE YOUR KUNDALINI, released January 1, 2010
Tarshito: Steel string, Electric, Fretless Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion and Drum Programming.
Manuela Schneider: Vocals on 2,3, & 4
Composed, arranged, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by Tarshito at Kittani Music Solar Powered Studio.
Copyright Kittani Music 2010. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


tarshito Byron Bay, Australia

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