Sing, dance and celebrate this devotional journey into the love of truth and the truth of love.
Chanting to the Gods and Goddesses, evoking a deep reverance and joy, these angelic harmonies carry one on waves of bliss and ecstasy and melt the heart into sweet surrender.


released January 1, 2007

Tarshito: Vocals, Steel String, Spanish & Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming.
Asakti: Vocals on 1,2,5,6 & 9.
Russell Hibbs: Vocals on 1, 2, 5, 6 & 9.
Lelama: Vocals on 1, 3 & 8.
Christine Lee: Vocals on 3, 4, 7 & 8.
Paul Kimmel: Flute on 4, 7, 10 & Bansuri on 4.
Sangeet: Sitar on 10.
Sangeeta: Vocals on 10.
Kevin James: Vocals on 1.

All tracks composed, arranged, produced, recorded, engineered & digitally mixed by Tarshito at Kittani Music Solar Powered Studio.

Copyright Kittani Music 2007. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


tarshito Byron Bay, Australia

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Track Name: Govinda
Govinda Rhade Rhade Ram Gopala Rhade Rhade Sham
Saraswati Maha devi ma Sangeeta Maha devi ma
Shiva Bolo Shankara Shiva Hari Bolenath

(Saraswati is Goddess of creativity, fertility, communication,music & arts. Mahdevi great goddess.Sangeeta is music)
Track Name: Uru Makala
Uru Makala Bamboo Yemaja
Shankara Shambo bola Shiva
Shankara Shambo bola Shivaya
Track Name: Ishkala
Ishkala Ma Bodlela Ishkala Ma Bodlela x2
Ishkala Ma Bod Ma Bodlela Ishkala Ma Bodlela x2
I am love lover and beloved You are lover and beloved
I am love lover and beloved God is lover and beloved
Track Name: Jaya
Sita Ram Jay Jaya Hanuman Bolo Sita Ram Jaya Jay
Jaya Jamuna Jay Jaya Hanuman Bolo Sita Ram Jaya Jay
Track Name: Satchit
Sat Chit Chit Ananda Sat Chit Ma Ganga
Bhagavate Ma Parvati Bhagavate Jai Kailash
Track Name: Ishwara
1. I look at the beauty before me
Let it seep into my soul
Opening to the present of the moment
Opening to the presence of the one

Ch 1 Hari om Ishwara Hari om Atma
We are only as real as a dream
For the I that can see reality
We are being awareness and bliss

2. For the dream arises within you
And disappears into you
And all that you feel arises within
And disappears into you

Ch 1 Hari om Ishwara Hari om Atma
We are only as real as a dream
For the I that can see reality
We are being awareness and bliss

Mid We are the one
We are we are we are
You are thone
You are you are you are

3. I look at the cosmos before me
It is the dream of Ishwara
It arises within him
And disappears into him

Ch 2 Hari om Ishwara Hari om Atma
We create our dream reality
What we see and what we feel is from lives long ago
So let it go let it go let go
Track Name: Shakti Jai
Shakti Jai Shakti Jai Shakti Jai Maha Devi
Gauri Ganesh Omar Mahesh Jai Gauri Ma Parvati
Track Name: Babanam
Babanam Kevalam Babanam Kevalam Babanam Kevalam
Love love love Love love love
Love love is all there is Love is all there is
Track Name: Breathe In Fire
We are we are the beating of our hearts
We see the presence shining our new paths
Create the moments that we choose to live
Choose creation we can truly give

Dance to the rhythm and feel it move
Jump to get high and feel the groove
Sing this song passion is strong
Breath in fire rising higher
Track Name: Hari Om
CH Hari Om Hari Ay
Shakti Om Shakti Ay
Namaho Namayay
Shiva Om Shivayay

Luxmi Om Luxmi Ay
Tara Om Tara Ay
Kali Om Kali Ay
Durga Om Durga Ay

V1 Become the wind,become the sound
become the snow capped peaks around
Become the heardsman ,become the cow
become the path that leads to NOW

V2 Become the droplets reflecting light
succeeding the rain asparrows delight
Become the eagle in soaring flight
become the feather with particles bright


V3 Become the breath filling my soul
meeting creator making me whole
Become the sun become the song
the harmonies unfolding strong

V4 Become the rock become the stones
recognising wisdom within my bones
Become the fragrance my being doth shower
become the bee polinating flower