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by tarshito

DEPTHS 06:26
Diving to the depths of the ocean Looking for that magic potion Diving to the depths of the sea Just a mirror looking back at me Diving to the depths of my soul One more time to make me whole Diving to the depths of my being Uncover what I'm not seeing Searching down below to find something that grows Searching for the colours nothing left to uncover Diving in deep Colours have faded fast Diving in deep Nothing created to last Diving in deep See the beauty below Diving in deep Witness what i (already) know Waiting for the mermaid Appearing for the new phase Sharing of her bounty Tropical paradisic beauty
Kicking back at Chaloklam Watching the waves roll in Kicking back at Chaloklam Listening to the birdies sing Kicking back at Chaloklam eating mangos bananas each Kicking back at Chaloklam Snorkling at Coral beach
V1 Jah in the mountain looking down at me Jah in the rocks, tell me what you see Ch1 Do what you do, do it true Do it right, in a positive light Walk your walk and talk your talk Walk your talk and talk your walk V2 Jah in the fire, burning desire Jah in the flame , passionate game Ch2 Drop those judgements, and anger too Let go of resentments and critisisms too Take it slow, say what you know or hold your silence and ask for guidance V3 Jah in the breeze dancing with ease Jah in the earth, tell me what it's worth Ch3 Listen to the wind, listen to the fire Hear the calling, uplift you higher Respect the earth, mother of all
OM BHUR 09:24
Om Bhur Bhur Vahaswaha Tat savitur vareneyam Bargode vasya dimahi Diyoyona pratshodaya
Just another reggae groove to keep us on the move Just another reggae song It helps to cruise along It’s all too easy when we’re in the flow Life is breezy when we’re in the know Like a dragon fly flying to get high taking it easy relax and watch it go by Just another reggae theme to lighten up the scene Just another reggae jam enlighten me to who I am Life is cruizy be aware of the movie Playing the game with whatever the name The world’s a stage with many a sage So keep it light there’s no need to fight
Hot day sun Chillin out is fun Cicadas sing and ring To the pulse of the one Afternoon heat I (you) can feel the beat In the trickle of the water At my (your) feet A ha ha….. Bird song chirps along Creates a peacefull groove Water swirls The foam curls Pattern forms and whirls Tell me the story I love your glory Open my heart To the start Of this mystery ….everyday Open your heart To the start Of this mystery… .every morning….every evening….every moment ….all the time…everyone…..You gotta Open your/our heart To the start Of this mystery….
CH1 To catch it every moment we can jam it in the now Jah Jaya Vishnu Bolenath Bolenath V1 Giving ourselves to this moment To the one padme om Ecstacy in singing Bambole Boom Boom CH2 Boom Boom Bambole Bambole Boom Boom V2 Surrendering to this moment dissolving into the void Ecstacy in being here Satchit Anada Om CH 3 Satchit Satchit Anada Satchit Anada Om V3 To centre in our being showered in the light calling on the angels to come in enter now
HIGH AT THE CREEK Floating on the raft at the creek Singing to a Reggae beat Cooling out in the water Best way (to) enjoy the heat Oola mata e tata High on a reggae beat Oola mata e tata High in the heat Oola mata e tata High on a reggae beat Oola mata e tata High in the heat Watching the little fish jumping For joy to the reggae groove Leaves go a floating by So happy there’s no need to move Oola mata e tata High on a reggae groove Oola mata e tata happy there’s no need to move X 2 Listen to the trickle of the water It’s laughter sounds so sweet I feel it in my body and bones Cicadas drone the heat Oola mata e tata High on sounds so sweet Oola mata e tata Cicadas drone the heat X 2


Dance and groove to these funky reggae beats.


released July 3, 2018

Tarshito: Vocals, Steel String, Spanish,Electric & Bass Guitars,
Keyboards, Percussion & Drum Programming.
Michal Doov : Vocals on 1,2 & 3
Chistine Lee: vocals on 4,5 & 9
Eltara: vocals on 5 & 6
Ariel Kalma: sax 5 & 9
Emanuel Lieberfreund : flute and soprano sax on 6
Peter Haddock : Flute on 7
Sangeet: sitar on 7


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tarshito Byron Bay, Australia

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