by tarshito



This is a LIVE party album with strong Afro-Latin influences
and abundant, spontaneous improvisation.
It was recorded live at The Temple of Yumm
for George Lewin's 50th birthday party.
It's raw, it's vibrant,it's spontaneous and it's ALIVE!


released February 2, 2000

Peter Haddock: Flute & Vocals
Matt Goodwin: Drums
Barry Hill: Bass
Tarshito: Steel String and Electric Guitars & Vocals
Jannelle Stein & Diti Dixon: Vocals
Tracks 1,2 & 7 composed by Tarshito.
4 & 5 composed by Miguel Pinera & Tarshito.
3 by Milton Nascimento & Tarshito.
6 by Caetano Veloso & Tarshito
Cover & graphics by Tarshito
Recorded live at the Temple of Yumm,
Montecollum,NSW,Australia on 20/3/99
Special thanks to Pete,Matt Barry,Jannelle,Ditti,and George.
Produced,recorded,edited,mixed and mastered by Tarshito at
Kittani Music Solar Powered Studio, 1999/2000.



all rights reserved


tarshito Byron Bay, Australia

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Track Name: AUMBAYE
Chant: 1. Aumba.........Aumba.........x2
2 Aumba Aumba Aumba Aumba x many
3 Aumbaye.......Aumbaye........ (lead singer)
4 Aumba Aumba Aumba....... x 3 (During verses)

Verse 1 The way of the wind
blowing and flowing
the movement of knowing

Verse 2 Spreading those seeds
far away sowing
sprouting and growing

Verse 3 The way of the breeze
carrying this song
to the place it belongs

Verse 4 To dance with the trees
swaying and playing
rhythmically saying

Chorus AUMBAYE!...the call to be within this moment
AUMBAYE! touch the essence of being
AUMBAYE!... smell the fragrance of life's dream
AUMBAYE!... fly to the peak of rejoicing
Track Name: UMDUZI

So much time to be,do as you feel... live naturally.
Find a space in heat of the day...flies a buzzing zzzzzzz
To a place in the shade of a tree ...birds a calling....
"time to play....time to play...time to play..."
Song calls for the flute "be a channel to earth...
tune in to the wind....tune in to the wind....tune in to the wind..."

Track Name: NADA SERA
(Nothing will be as it was tomorrow )
(Milton Nascimento)


1. Eu ja estou com pe na estrada
qualquer dia gentes se ver
Sei que nada sera como antes..amanha

ch 1:Que noticias me dao das amigos
Que noticias me dao de voce
Alvaroco en meu coracao
Amanha ou depois amanha
Resistindo na boca da noite um rosto de sol.

2. Num domingo qualquer,qualquer hora
Ventania em qualquer direcao
Sei que nada sera como antes...amanha

3. Got my feet on the road just to see you
in my hair is a taste of the dawn
I know nothing will be as it was..tomorrow.

ch: Tell me when will I hear from my people
tell me when will I hear from my friends
Bleeding fire deep down in my heart
no one ever can tear us apart
holding on to a teardrop of sun in the mouth of the night.

4. Any time any day any hour
you can hear our new song in the air
I know nothing will be as it was...tomorrow.

ch: Tell me what do I hear from my people
tell me what do I hear from my friends
Now that we've got our feet on the road
now that we've got a taste of the dawn
holding on to a teardrop of sun in the mouth of the night.
Track Name: Arcoiris

Viajando en arcoiris
Dejando el mundo atras
Entre la lluvia el sol
entre un amor y un dolor..

Journeying in a rainbow
Leaving the world behind
Enter the sun and rain
Enter love and pain
Track Name: LUNA LLENA

Era la luna llena que somava
su carita en la cordillera
Era los mil colores que tenia
su carita en la noiche aquella

Era seu color que yo sentia
O era que talvez ya no seria siento
Era la luna llena a la luna yai yai
la luna llena a la luna
Track Name: ODARA
(Caetano Veloso)

Deixe eu dancar,pro meu corpo ficar odara
Minha cara,minha cuca ficar odara
Deixe eu cantar,que e pro mundo ficar odara
Pra ficar tudo joia rara
Qualquer coisa que se sonhara
Canto e danca que dara.
Track Name: INGOLI

Ye oo la oo ye la Ye oo la oo ye
Ye oo la oo ye la Ye la oo ye

Ingold is a city where I come from
The miners drill the earth,the mine dumps grow to the sky

They used to have laws that divided the nation
Now they all try to mix without discrimination

In my childhood I recall the pain (in my heart)
A people supressed,a life blood drain

Now I return is it a dream come true
Are the people free is South Africa new

Age old hatred and repressed agression
It's a timebomb hope there'll be no explosion

But the people are dancing and the people they sing
The people I love my Africa it rings

Ye oo la oo ye la Ye oo la oo ye
Ye oo la oo ye la Ye la oo ye